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South Tyrol Sauvignon - FRESH

Südtiroler Sauvignon – DER FRISCHEThis wine is reminiscent of elderberry flowers, currants and green peppers, with a hint of nettles.
It has character in taste and fresh acidity. It can be served as a pleasant aperitif, is suitable for fish, white meats and cheese and is especially appropriate for dishes based on asparagus.
Serving temperature: 10 - 12° C

South Tyrol Malvasia - LIGHT

Südtiroler Malvasier – DER LEICHTEThis wine has a clear ruby red colour, with delicate notes of violet and almonds. It is smooth, with delicate, velvety and harmonious tannins. It combines well with slightly seasoned cheeses, white meats and poultry.
Serving temperature: 12 - 14° C

South Tyrol Santa Maddalena - A CLASSICAL WINE

Südtiroler St. Magdalener – DER KLASSIKERThis ruby red wine has a pleasant bouquet, reminiscent of cherries and violets and a mature taste, with a persistent final note of bitter almonds. It can be combined with red meats and at times even with simple wild game dishes. It is ideal to accompany the typical South Tyrol snack with Speck and Kaminwurz.
The optimum serving temperature is from 14 - 16° C

Primo (Regent) - EXOTIC

Primo (Regent) – DER EXOTThis wine has a deep and intense ruby red colour. It has nuances of wild fruit and a round taste to the palate, with a final smooth, exotic taste for a South Tyrol wine. It ideally accompanies boiled or steamed white meats.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18° C

South Tyrol Pinot nero - THE ARISTOCRATIC WINE

Südtiroler Blauburgunder – DER EDLEThe colour is ruby red, the bouquet marvellously harmonises the noble nuances of Burgundy with notes of wood, due to refinement in small durmast oak casks. It is a full-bodied wine with soft tannins. Fine to accompany savoury dishes with red meat and wild game.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18° C

Merleum (Merlot) - UNIQUE

Merleum (Merlot - Lagrein) – DER BESONDEREThe dark ruby red colour and bouquet reminiscent of red currants, along with the refined note of vanilla as a result of 24 months of aging in durmast oak casks, support the decisive character of this wine. It is a particularly powerful wine to the palate, demonstrating its quality processing in the vineyard; the tannins are well rounded, full-bodied and confer a persistent final note. Merleum preferably accompanies wild game, well-seasoned cheeses or can simply be shared in good company.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18° C

Bioland - Ökologischer Landbau

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