Vineyard Ebnerhof, Bolzano / South Tyrol

Johannes Plattner - vineyard Ebnerhof

The Ebnerhof, which has been the property of the Plattner family since 1982, is situated on the sunny southern slope of the Bolzano basin, at the head of the Isarco valley, between 400 and 500 m a.s.l.

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Ours is a family-operated business and since 1990 we have cultivated a vineyard of 3 hectares, in accordance with organic farming directives. We have been recognised as a “Bioland” company since 1993. We are inspected and certified annually by the organ of control recognised by the EU, AbCert-Esslingen.

Our vineyards are located in an isolated and peaceful hillside area, with land that ranges from rolling hills to steep slopes.

Schiava grape
We grow Sauvignon blanc, Schiava, Pinot nero, Malvasia, Merlot and Lagrein grapes, as well as the Regent variety, which has a strong resistance to fungal infections.
Our most important variety is the Schiava grape, which is used to produce the famous South Tyrol “Santa Maddalena”, a classical wine.

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