our wine cellar
We take special care in implementing precise processing of the fruit in our new wine cellar. When the grapes are harvested, they are placed in small crates, which are then unloaded into the winepress and destalking machine. The resulting must is drained into the fermentation vats or the hand operated winepress.

our wine cellar

Our wines are refined partially in steel casks (Sauvignon, Malvasia), partially in large wooden casks (Santa Maddalena) and in barriques (Pinot nero, Merlot and Regent).

Sauvignon Blanc Trauben aus Südtirol

In order to preserve the natural characteristics of our grapes in the wine, we work in harmony with our motto “a little, well done”.

Bioland - Ökologischer Landbau

Freie Weinbauern Südtirol

Südtirol - Italy (I)